I’m addicted to the Midnight Hunters books series by L.L. Raand

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Midnight Hunters books series

I’m addicted to the Midnight Hunters books series by L.L. Raand

Review of ‘Enchanted Hunt’ by L.L. Raand

I’m addicted to the Midnight Hunters books series by L.L. Raand. It does have its bumps but I could not stop reading it even if I wanted too. I’ll always read anything that Radclyffe writes and as a huge paranormal fan, this series holds a lot of fond memories for me.


This is a novella and the 8th book in the series. Book 7 was also a novella and is very connected to this story, almost like it is the other half of this book. I did like this a bit better than book 7, but they are both very connected. In fact, Rad is putting out a paperback version that will contain both book 7 and book 8 together.

To truly enjoy this book I would recommend starting the series at book 1. There is a huge cast of characters in this series (weres, vampires, mages, and Fae) with someone new getting a starring role in each book. For instance, I was really happy to see that Torren (my favorite character) and Jodi (another fav) both get some appearance time in this book. Actually, I’m wondering if that is supposed to be Torren on the cover. I love the cover and it might be my favorite of the whole series. Anyway, back on topic, because there are a lot of names to keep straight, it would not be easy jumping into the middle of this series. However, if you had to jump in, I would at least read book 7 before this one since they are so connected.

I was excited to see that the new alpha Zora, got her time to shine. I was interested in getting to know her more and I felt like she had some good wolfie chemistry with the woman she was attracted to. However, I was disappointed about not getting to know as much about her background as I wanted too. We did learn some new things, but I wanted to dive into her more as a person. I’m still hopeful we will get to learn even more about her in the future.

I must admit I was not happy about the M/F and M/F/F feeding/sex scenes that were in this book. Luckily, they were over quickly but I just don’t want to read sex scenes that are about people I don’t care about. In this case, it was sex scenes involving the villains of the story. I have no interest in that and I can’t really agree with putting them in a novella. Yes, I can see it more if this was a full-length book, but it’s not and instead, it wasted precious short storytime that could have been used for more of Zora’s background or even better, extending the action scenes.

As much as I love this series it has some bumps and more fluids than you will ever need. I’m still completely hooked anyway and will read this series as long as Rad writes it. On a good note, part of this book was setting the stage for something really big to happen next. I’m talking about a major conflict coming soon. I hope that means that book 9 will be a full-length book that is packed with exciting action scenes. I also would not even mind if the book didn’t star anyone new and just let us spend time with our old favorite couples and even more of Zora. Rad just scratched the surface of her character and I would love to know more. 3.75 Stars.

Midnight Hunters books seriesMidnight Hunters books series

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