Passion flares at Penchant Castle

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Modern English by Rachel Spangler

Passion flares at Penchant Castle

Review of Modern English by Rachel Spangler

God help whoever’d tried to make off with this. She gave a quick flick of her wrist and relished the whoosh the metal made as it slashed the air.


“Unhand the sword,” a firm voice ordered from behind her.

Quite the opposite of the command, she whirled, arm at the ready until her eyes landed on the woman who’d issued the order.

Lady Victoria ‘Vic’ Penchant and Sophia LeBlanc meet at sword point and the chemistry crackles off the page from that moment on. Both women have enough reasons not to let sexual attraction get the better of them, but oh my… don’t they fail deliciously.

I love what Rachel Spangler gave us in this second installment of this (yet unnamed) series. We are back in Northland, this time at Penchant Castle where most of the action is going on. There will be cameos from Emma Volant, her wife Brogan and the lively Friday Club for comic relief. I really advise you to read Full English first so you really get a flavor of the town and its people.

Spangler throws a few more hot peppers on the fire. Vic and Sophia really know how to bring the heat and we don’t have to wait too long to see it either. I had a double character crush so good job!

Next to the romance, there is always some drama to bring the conflict and I have to admit I was close to tears. There was no usual annoyance this time for the reason why it has to go pear-shaped between a couple. Spangler brought her emotional A-game and it was heartbreaking. THIS is how you write genuine conflict in romance.

So yes, I had a great time with Modern English. It ticked so many boxes for me. A wonderful romance in a beautiful setting, the rich British history and culture, a castle, the movie industry, a hot aristocrat, an impossible love affair, explosive sexy times and more! Go read it.


Themes: Northland, Penchant Castle, ambition, duty, the class system, the duchess proves a hard nut to crack, issues with the director, a new direction for the Dukedom, I need more in this series!

5 Stars

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Modern English by Rachel Spangler

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