My Secret Valentine by Julie Cannon, Erin Dutton and Anne Shade

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My Secret Valentine by Julie Cannon

My Secret Valentine by Julie Cannon, Erin Dutton and Anne Shade

A good compilation to celebrate Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a great way to celebrate it is by reading this compilation of three novellas by accomplished BSB authors.


In I Met Someone by Julie Cannon: Hayes Martin has been best friends with Claire Wheeler for some time. They talk about everything but Hayes is hiding her real feelings for Claire until she decides to risk her friendship to get what she’s wanted from the start.

I Met Someone is an account of Hayes and Claire’s friendship from the day they met onwards. Hayes has been in relationships with many women and Claire is apparently straight. But as lines start to blur and feelings begin to grow, love is a possibility if only Hayes risks opening her heart.

This story is such a tease… It’s the typical situation when a lesbian is pining for her straight best friend. There’s a lot of build-up but unfortunately little payoff. A few scenes were described in detail but other important ones happened “off-camera” and were just referred to in passing. I liked both characters but would have loved to see them together a bit more. 3.5 stars.

In Taking a Risk by Erin Dutton: Police officer Jo Forsythe is new to a small town in Georgia. When she meets business owner Kayla McCall she feels the attraction and the possibility of finding real love. But Kayla is guarded and the whole town is protective of her…

This was a cute small-town romance in which fear of finding love again plays a big part in one of the characters’ journey. There’s a bit of angst, a lot of secret pining, and some police action in the mix. 4 stars.

In Bouquet of Love by Anne Shade: English teacher Alyssa Harris is back in the dating scene after 25 years. With a little help from the other side and a secret admirer, Alyssa might have another chance at love…

This is a romance story with a little element of magical realism which works really well in its context. A secret admirer from a distance is the epitome of romance and what this compilation is all about. At a point, for me, it was borderline with corny but many romance fans will appreciate the efforts of people close to Alyssa to give her another chance at love. 4 stars.

I loved that each novella started with an introduction by the author in which they told a romantic memory about a Valentine’s day in their lives. It was a nice touch and an assurance that long-lasting romance doesn’t only happen in novels. If you love romance and secret pining, this compilation is for you. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My secret valentine by julie cannon

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