Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers, narrated by Lori Prince

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Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers

Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers, narrated by Lori Prince

A good opposites-attract, age-gap romance

I missed Never Say Never, Rachael Sommers’s debut when it was released in print and as I’m a Lori Prince fan, this was a good chance to catch up with the story in audio format.


Camila Evans is building her television empire and, after her divorce, she’s raising her son alone. But she needs a nanny. Emily Walker is out of college and saving money for a master’s degree. She just needs to get a good nanny job. How hard can it be to work for the ice queen Camila Evans who is as demanding as attractive?

This is an age gap, opposites-attract romance between a nanny and a media mogul. Expect exactly that, a frosty mature ice queen who only melts for her five-year-old son and a young, good-natured nanny who has a great rapport with the kid and a big crush on his mum.

Both main characters are well fleshed out and their chemistry together is built slowly but surely. There is a lot of back and forth, a good bit of angst and some drama. However, don’t expect much regarding sex scenes as they are mainly fade to black which was a bit of a disappointment.

One of the best parts of the book is the relationship between Emily and Camila’s son. I loved that Emily majored in astrophysics, which is unusual for these types of books and raises the profile of women in science. I have to say that the child seems a bit too mature for a 5-year-old, showing empathy that even my 13-year-old hasn’t. But this is a pet peeve of mine and I know I’m being too harsh here, it’s fiction after all and he is an important character who acts as a buffer and a facilitator in the relationship between both mains. Lori Prince performed him very well.

Ms. Prince did another fantastic job as usual. I loved her performance of Camila, she made her sound as aloof and guarded as I imagined. The counterpoint with bright and happy Emily is very well done too. I think that Ms. Prince’s performance enhanced my enjoyment of the story.

If you are looking for an opposites-attract, age-gap romance and don’t mind the lack of sex scenes, then this one might be for you. 4 stars.

Length: 7 hours, 52 minutes

Available in Scribd

Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers


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