A superb opposites-attract lesbian romance book

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opposites-attract lesbian romance book

A superb opposites-attract lesbian romance book

Review of ‘One Golden Summer’ by Clare Lydon & TB Markinson

If Clare Lydon is the queen of British contemporary romance, then TB Markinson is the monarch of the nerdy wit. Both authors are great on their own but they make an explosive team together. ‘One Golden Summer’ is fun, entertaining and, as expected, hot.


Safron Oliver has it all. She is a famous actress, beautiful and rich but she’s burnt out and needs a break. She rents a house in an English seaside town to find the peace she craves and there she meets Kirsty McBride, a wine shop owner 17 years older. In theory, their relationship shouldn’t work but their attraction is undeniable and hard to resist…

This book has many of the lesfic favourite tropes: opposites-attract, celebrity, age-gap, small town, summer fling. You name it. A tall order for the authors to bring all that together in a realistic, entertaining, and fun way but they exceeded all my expectations. The formula? By building incredible chemistry between the mains and endearing secondary characters to support them.

As I said, this is an opposites-attract lesbian romance book but what these women have in common is trust issues. I liked the way the authors took the leads through their conflict with humour, banter, and wit and, at the same time, make their romance credible. If you are looking for an entertaining, fun and feel-good read, then this is a great choice. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

opposites-attract lesbian romance bookopposites-attract lesbian romance book

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