A light and entertaining opposites-attract romance

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opposites-attract romance

A light and entertaining opposites-attract romance

Review of ‘My Lady Lipstick’ by Karin Kallmaker,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

Anita Topaz is a writer of Bodice Rippers who conceals her real identity with high secrecy. When the new owner of her publishing house suggests that she should do public appearances, her social anxiety escalates. After meeting Lady Diana Beckinsale, a master of disguise, Diana suggests that she could impersonate Anita to alleviate her stress over public interactions but that sounds like a very bad idea… And what happens if in the process someone loses their heart?


This is a light and entertaining novel by Karin Kallmaker with an opposites-attract romance thrown for good measure. It’s funny, light and sometimes downright absurd but, somehow it works really well. Both main characters are well written, multilayered and realistic, one as an anxiety sufferer, anti-social writer and the other as a devious, enigmatic actress with her own agenda. On the surface, they are completely opposite but as they interact with each other, it’s quite obvious that they are both afraid of the same things and have similar longings.

I’ve heard good things about this novel but didn’t read it so I’ve decided to listen to the audiobook read by Abby Craden, one of my favourite lesfic narrators. Just when I thought that Ms. Craden’s talent couldn’t surprise me anymore, she proved me wrong. Her skill to do different accents, not only by geography but also social class is amazing. I lived in England and currently live in Ireland so I’m very familiar with the local accents and I have to say that Ms. Craden performed them outstandingly.

Additionally, this isn’t an easy book to narrate as Diana’s character changes like a chameleon, impersonating different people as her deceiving game requires. Just her character demands three or four different accents and all of them were spot-on. Her British posh accent was my favourite. Apart from Diana, this novel has an extensive cast that includes Americans, Irish and British characters, male and female. This is such a demanding book that very few people could have pulled it off, I’m glad that Ms. Craden tackled it. If you are looking for a light and entertaining opposites-attract audiobook, you won’t be disappointed. 4 stars for the story, 5 stars for the narration. Overall, 4.5 stars

Available for free with a Scribd subscription. Duration: 7 hrs and 47 mins

opposites-attract romanceopposites-attract romance


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