Over the Moon with you by Jaime Clevenger
Over the Moon with you by Jaime Clevenger

Over the Moon with you by Jaime Clevenger

A well-rounded summer read

Every book by Jaime Clevenger is an automatic read for me. This author has the exact balance between hotness and angst that works perfectly for me.


Paige Dannenberg is a farm vet who never practiced water aerobics in her life but when her mother asks her to teach one of her classes, something unexpected happens: she meets a gorgeous woman. Seren Winters is single and four months pregnant, living temporarily in her late mum’s house which is for sale. There is an undeniable attraction between them but Seren wants to avoid dating during this period of her life. Will Paige be able to convince her that she’s worth it?

This is a butch-femme romance, typical of this author. Not so typical is the presence of a pregnant woman, single and not looking. For the first time ever, Clevenger, who is a small animal veterinarian, decided to write one though Paige is a farm vet. I love when authors write in their area of expertise as they bring a touch of realism to the plot and amount of detail, making it entertaining to read. This book has a couple of vet medicine scenes which added a bit of excitement.

In the romance department, the chemistry between the mains is strong, it builds up slowly with a touch of humor and progressively escalates in the heat level. Clevenger is very good at writing strap-on sex and this book shows again why. If you like this author’s books, for this reason, you won’t be disappointed.

Generally speaking, this is a well-rounded summer read, light, sweet and hot in equal parts. I dropped a star because I think that there were some pacing issues and the second part could have used a bit more development. The ubiquitous 80% mark conflict was credible enough but I would have liked a bit more back story about the pregnancy and birth, though this is my preference. I think this story will be much better in audiobook, especially if an experienced narrator performs it. For the moment, it’s a 4-star rating for me.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Over the Moon with you by Jaime ClevengerOver the Moon with you by Jaime Clevenger

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