Paranormal Urban fantasy lesfic books are my favorite genre to read & this series fits perfectly
Paranormal urban fantasy lesfic books

Paranormal Urban fantasy lesfic books are my favorite genre to read & this series fits perfectly

Review of ‘Shadows & dreams’ by Alexis Hall

I just love this series. This is book two in the ‘Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator’ series. Those of you who read my reviews will notice I don’t do rereads often, there are just so many books, so little time. This book I have actually read 3 times so I think that shows just how much I love this series. Paranormal urban fantasy lesfic books are my absolute favorite genre to read and this series fits what I love perfectly. The reason I am reading this series again now is that it is being re-released. Carina Press picked this up and this new version has the new cover that does NOT include Kate in her hat. Alexis Hall revised the story, keeping most things the same but fixing up the writing a bit. And what I am most excited about is that after waiting almost 6 years, book three is coming out February 2020. Talk about going right on the list of my most anticipated 2020 reads. I did not think Hall would ever write another Kate Kane book and I could not be happier.


If you are new to this series I highly recommend reading book one ‘Iron & Velvet’ first. The same cast of characters is entwined in both books and there are some threads that stay open. I think you could figure out enough to understand this book if you started right here, but I don’t think your enjoyment would be as high.

These books star Kate Kane who is a private investigator working in England. Kate mostly deals in matters of the paranormal. While Kate is technically human, her mother is Queen of the Wild hunt in Fairy so Kate can at times tap into her powers. The problem is if she invites her mother in too often her mother would love to take over her mortal body and that would be the end of Kate. Kate is a strong and sarcastic woman who has a weakness for badass women. Her ex is the Witch Queen of London, an alpha werewolf is currently trying to get in her pants, and a Vampire Prince is her new girlfriend. If her social life wasn’t complicated enough she now has to figure out who is turning a bunch of humans into vampires to make an army, that is if Kate can stay alive long enough to find out.

This series is really entertaining with plenty of excitement. It also has sarcastic humor that keeps the book from being too dark. These books were originally written in 2013 and 2014 so it’s pretty funny the way Hall pokes fun of the Twilight books. I also really like the chemistry between Kate and her vampire girlfriend. It’s a little more sex than an actual romance, but the longer they are together the more real feelings are starting to emerge.

If you are a paranormal or urban fantasy fan I think you will enjoy this series. It’s sarcastic, fun, and just pure entertainment. While there are a few loose ends open, these books do NOT end on cliffhangers so you can start this series now with no problems. I’m going to be counting down the days until Feb when I can read the book three that I have been waiting over half a decade for. I can’t wait! 4.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

Paranormal Urban fantasy lesfic booksParanormal Urban fantasy lesfic books

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