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Pas de Deux by EJ Noyes

Bring on the Noyes!

Review of Pas de Deux by EJ Noyes

I have so many books to read and review lately that I have been feeling a bit behind. I’m trying to stick to a strict schedule of what I read and when, so hopefully I can feel more caught up. But then I’m given an early copy of an E.J. Noyes book and I’m somehow supposed to stay on schedule and wait a month to read it? Noyes, who is not only my favorite author but one of the best current authors in WLW fiction, and now I have to pretend that her book isn’t sitting on my Kindle. That is like someone giving me a gram cracker and a toasted marshmallow but telling me I can’t have the chocolate, it’s just cruel and I made it three days until I cracked and read the book. And I’m glad I cracked because this is everything I wanted in a good romance and I desperately needed another 5-star read for 2021.


Have you ever felt like an author has written a book just for you? Like they somehow know the book that would just fit your likes and wants, while not having any of your dislikes? Well, that’s what Noyes did here. She wrote a romance that is exactly the type of romance that I want to read.

This romance hit two main tropes. For one main character, this is a second chance romance, for the other character, this is an enemies to lovers romance. I loved the two different sides of how the character saw things and I think it gave the book a little zip that caught my attention from the beginning. I’m also a huge first-person fan and Noyes writes some of the best first-person out there. I was very happy that while this was first-person, the POV is actually from both main characters. It was perfect for this book especially since both mains can’t even agree on their past. Seeing how each character thought and why, was the right choice for this romantic story.

I’m such a lesbian cliché when it comes to reading books with horses. I just love it so I knew this book was going to be for me. Not only that but one character had the job of being a large animal vet, while the other was trying to make the Olympic team. First, I would say that a vet is my favorite job for a book character (in a romance) to have. I’m an animal lover and it’s fun reading about such a great job. On top of that, I’m one of those Olympic geeks that will watch as much of the games (including the equestrian events) as humanly possible. So in the end I was completely interested in both main characters.

It’s wasn’t just the characters and what the book was about that hooked me in, it was Noyes’ book choices around the romance that just cemented this book for me. I loved the chemistry and that you could really feel this attraction between the characters just growing and growing. I was happy that while still steamy, that the sex scenes were realistic too. The first time the mains are together they are not porn stars that get each other off in seconds. Instead, they actually have to get to know each other and learn what each other likes. I even had to laugh at Noyes poking fun at all the first-time sex gods in WLW romance fiction. And what even made me happier than that was, wait for it… communication! Shocker I know, but while this book does have some relationship drama, the characters actually communicate and explain why they acted the way they did. It really was so rare and so refreshing.

I really thought hard and tried to think if there was anything that I didn’t like or that maybe I had an issue with. The only thing I wondered, while reading, is if the book felt a little long. I’d have to check but this seemed like one of Noyes’ longer books (almost twice as long as some other WLW romances). But the closer and closer I got to the end of the book, the more and more I didn’t want the story to end. Noyes gives us plenty in this book but I still wanted more. So while yes, this may be a little long for a romance, we sure get our monies worth. I’m including myself in that since I will be buying this in a physical copy or maybe even audio when it releases.

If you could not tell from my glowing review, I loved the book. As long as you are a fan of horses, or at least are okay with them, then I would absolutely recommend this one. Noyes writes really well and makes smart choices so that is why she is one of the best. I’m only sorry that the book is already over for me because it means I have to start waiting again for another new Noyes book.

An ARC was given to me for a review.

Pas de Deux by EJ Noyes

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