Perspective by Monica McCallan, narrated by Lori Prince

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Perspective by Monica McCallan

Perspective by Monica McCallan, narrated by Lori Prince

Another great collaboration between Monica McCallan and Lori Prince

As I’m going through all the audiobooks by Monica McCallan narrated by Lori Prince (so far there are eight available), I’m happy to have discovered such a great artistic partnership. Lori Prince’s light narrative tone perfectly matches Mccallan’s optimistic, romantic, and hot stories.


Campbell St. Clair’s debut novel was a major success and is now being made into a film featuring superstar actress Sloane Murphy. Sloane wasn’t expecting Campbell (a pseudonym) to be someone from her past…

This is an entertaining second-chances, celebrity romance. This author is a bit of a specialist in second chances as she writes well the back and forth of past and present. In this case, there isn’t much more than a few references to their shared history but their previous relationship (or lack thereof) is enough to set the tone of their present interactions.

Though both main characters have in common a guarded nature, they have a very different perspective (hence the title) of their shared past. Despite an initial reticence to work together to improve the film, both women have to challenge their own assumptions about each other and their creative process to achieve their common goal and get a chance of getting to know each other in a different light.

The cast of supporting characters provide the necessary push that both characters need in order to get out of their own hangups to find possibility with each other. Riley, Sloane’s friend, and Campbell’s sister Val play a fundamental role to make them both get out of their protective shells. Riley and Val balance the angst and drama that both mains cannot seem to be able to brush off with a dose of humour and meddling.

Lori Prince does a fantastic job with the narration finding the perfect tone whenever the story got angsty or funny. She’s a great match to perform Mccallan’s books and her narration definitely improved my enjoyment of the story.

Overall, an entertaining second chances romance that won’t disappoint McCallan’s fans. 4.5 stars.

Length: 8 hours, 2 minutes

Available in Scribd

Perspective by Monica McCallanPerspective by Monica McCallan


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