Politics of Love by Annette Mori (#2 San Diego Trilogy)
Politics of Love by Annette Mori

Politics of Love by Annette Mori (#2 San Diego Trilogy)

Another thrilling story in the San Diego Trilogy

Politics of Love, #2 in the San Diego Trilogy, is another thrilling and very exciting story with many familiar faces from the first book and the Asset Management series. Badass women, action and suspense guaranteed.


The main story and romance revolve around Democratic Governor Sandra Murphy and investigative journalist Wynter Holmes. Sandra has just experienced firsthand that politics can be dangerous when a bomb attack on her, her mother, and agent Emma Schmidt was attempted and she survived only very narrowly unharmed. Many, including her mother, want her to run for the U.S. presidency now more than ever, which she is seriously considering. Wynter writes for a right-wing paper, unfortunately, the only paper with a job opening. More and more, however, she questions whether the job is worth being pushed to one side, even though it’s not her sentiment. She is interested in politics but wants to do fair, investigative journalism.

Randomly, their paths keep crossing and the more they meet, the more interested they become in each other. A job offer from Sandra, could be a great opportunity for Wynter, but is she ready to give up the hunt for ever new stories? After all, it’s searching, digging, investigating, and uncovering what fascinates her the most. When Wynter gets her hands on highly incriminating material about Republican members of Congress who are conspiring with a foreign power against Murphy and want to prevent her possible candidacy, a cat-and-mouse game of media and politics and agents begins.

Sandra and Wynter experience an adventurous journey that will either weld them together or tear them apart. I loved both women from the beginning, they are charismatic and strong, not without flaws, but loving and self-sacrificing and with their hearts in the right place. The attraction is palpable and their love is strong. I liked the way they talked and interacted with each other and I genuinely enjoyed their way to happiness and success.

The secret organization (Asset Management series) and Jimena and Emma of book #1 get involved to protect Sandra and Wynter and bring the hardcore Republicans and MAGA supporters to despair. Always very entertaining how the organization’s tough men and women outsmart everyone and are always one step ahead. Each is a specialist in their field, and as I mentioned in book #1, though as tough as nails, they also show their vulnerability and emotions. The relationships, friendships, and blind trust in the team are amazing and I always love learning more about each of them. The only thing that would be nicer is if this was not a novel but a true story. I can only hope it won’t be too long before the end of the novel becomes the reality.

I admire the author’s ability to weave together the diverse characters and groups from the different books without getting lost in too much detail and description and to write super exciting stories that sometimes have a great closeness to reality (although sometimes that’s exactly what we want to escape with a book). The mix of action, suspense, emotions, and feelings is addictive for me. Can’t wait for book #3, please keep writing Annette, thank you.

Highly recommended to every fan of political action intrigues.

ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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