I wish there were queer Sci-fi books like this one when I was coming out

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queer sci-fi books

I wish there were queer Sci-fi books like this one when I was coming out

Review of ‘Remember me, Synthetica’ by K. Aten

I grew up reading Ray Bradbury, Aldous Huxley, and Isaac Asimov during my teenage years but somehow I lost interest in Sci-fi along the way. I haven’t read much since then with very few exceptions. I’m happy that ‘Remember me, Synthetica’ was one of them.


Dr. Alexandra Turing – the great-niece of British mathematician Alan Turing – is a genius roboticist determined to create artificial intelligence that could emulate humans. After a serious accident that left her in a 6-month coma, she wakes up with altered senses, memories, and personality. When she meets the alluring veterinarian Dr. Emily St. John, she discovers new life experiences and love. But as her relationship with Emily evolves, Alex suspects that things in her life aren’t what they seem to be…

I admit that it took me some time to get hooked by this book as there is quite a bit of world-building and technical information dump in the first few chapters. However, as the story progresses, the pace picks up and the book changes into a page-turner with a thrilling end.

Even though this is a plot-driven book, both main characters are very likable and realistic. Their personalities are well-defined, their chemistry is spot-on as it is their banter and witty dialogues. Alex’s eagerness to experience life fully and her face-value approach to new sensations are refreshing and enviable. Her personality, a mixture of childish amazement and problem-solving geniality is endearing. Emily complements her well as her sounding board, unconditional supporter, and companion in her adventures.

I absolutely loved this novel and it reminded me of those Sci-fi stories that I used to read in my teens. I wish there were queer Sci-fi books like ‘Remember me, Synthetica’ back then, it would have made my coming out so much easier. If you are a fan of those old classics by Bradbury or Asimov, I highly recommend this one. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

queer sci-fi booksqueer sci-fi books

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