Radiant by Judy Sapphire
Radiant by Judy Sapphire

Radiant by Judy Sapphire

This was a very solid debut book

I often talk about how the publisher Bella, has an unbelievable talent for finding good new authors, and I think Judy Sapphire will soon be joining that list. While I wasn’t blown away by this, it was enjoyable and absolutely an above-average read, which to me means, even more, considering it is a debut. There is some really good potential here and I think with a little more experience, Sapphire could have a big hit on her hands. I’m actually surprised this doesn’t have more reviews/ratings. I believe this opposites-attract, enemies to lovers – more like dislike to lovers – the story would appeal to more people. I can’t help but wonder if the cover is not doing the story justice. I have to be honest but it was personally throwing me off. The cover was saying to me erotica. Yes, there were some pretty steamy sex scenes here, but this book is about art, lawyers, chemistry, and some angst. I just don’t get any of those feelings when I look at that cover -even though I like the way the cover looks-.


I mentioned good potential and I saw that in how I just loved the way this book started. These two women, while there is an instant physical attraction, do not get off on the right foot. As readers, we get to watch this hostility play out, which is actually surrounded by sexual tension, and lots of fun to read. The romance itself was pretty angsty, lots of that push-pull that some people will enjoy reading while I know others might not. I was up for some angst so I didn’t really mind it, but I did have one slight issue with the romance. The romance was really built on sexual attraction and chemistry. Which is good don’t get me wrong, but the relationship never goes to a deeper level for my tastes. I like more of a whole body and soul connection, whereas this seemed more body-focused. However, I’m okay reading romance of all kinds so, in the end, this was fine for me, I just didn’t love it.

I got a lot of enjoyment out of the characters’ jobs. One character is basically like putting an accountant and lawyer together, and the other is an up-and-coming artist. I’m not really into modern art, but I still loved hearing about it and how the installations worked and made the characters feel. If you are an art fan, I would definitely recommend this one as the author’s love for art really shines through. And while a forensic accounting attorney -or whatever the other main’s job was actually called- doesn’t sound that interesting, I thought the job was well written and there was a good court scene that I quite enjoyed reading.

TLDR- This was a book that I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy opposites attract, lots of tension, and sexual chemistry. This is not a book that has a deeper romance, but the romance worked well for the story. I would also recommend this book to art loversr as it is a major theme throughout the whole book, and the art parts are well written. This was a good read and a very solid first book for Sapphire. I believe her books will only get better and I would read her again in a heartbeat. I also think this book is a little under the radar so far and hope it gets some more readers since I believe there are plenty of readers out there that would enjoy this. 3.75 stars.

An ARC was given to me for a review.

Radiant by Judy SapphireRadiant by Judy Sapphire

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