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Find your Match in Lesbian Books

Recommended books of September 2018

September’s recommended books centres on different type of romances and a classic lesfic mystery for good measure. The novels vary from medical romance, family conflict to more introspective angst. The categories are new releases, classic lesfic and a last year’s book you shouldn’t miss.

Recommended new releases:

‘Three reasons to say yes’ by Jaime Clevenger

When Julia Maguire meets Reed Baxter in a holiday in Hawaii, she knows that their relationship has no future. Reed is the mother of 4 year-old twin girls and a busy doctor with no time to have a full-time girlfriend. But their attraction is undeniable and Julia decides against her own convictions to engage in a holiday fling. Soon she realises that she has feelings for Reed but a relationship with her is impossible. Or is it?

This is a well written slow-burn romance with some family and inner conflict on the side.  5 stars.

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‘Shadowboxer’ by Jessica L. Webb

Former boxer Jordan McAddie had a hard childhood and now she’s dedicated to help street kids by teaching them the discipline of boxing. With her mentoring duties, a full time job and her social worker studies, she’s got enough on her plate and the least thing she needs is her first love walking back into her life. As she struggles to open up to a possible relationship, the street kids are being targeted by an extremist group. Can she keep the kids safe and give love a chance?
This is a darker novel by Ms. Webb with a mix of action, mystery, psychological thriller and romance. Not an easy read but highly recommended. 4.5 stars.

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‘Passionate rivals’ (A PMC Hospital Romance #4) by Radclyffe

This is book 4 in the PMC Hospital romance series of standalone novels set in Philadelphia. Emmett McCabe is about to start the last year of her surgery residency and is the most likely candidate to get the coveted Chief Resident position. That is, until someone from her past arrives unexpectedly. Sydney Stevens has lost a lot in her life and now she has to finish her residency in another hospital. At PMC she meets Emmett with whom she shares the past she’s trying to forget.

Radclyffe is hands down the best writer of medical romances in lesfic. Her inside knowledge of the profession, acquired as a surgeon, plus her perfect depiction of the fast-paced world of hospital emergency services are always reflected in her novels. 4.5 stars.

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Last year’s book you shouldn’t miss:

‘Twice in a lifetime’ by Clare Lydon

Set in Chicago and New York, this is the story of former high school sweethearts Harriet and Sally who accidentally meet again seventeen years later. The plot describes their trials and tribulations at second chances and long distance relationships. Ms. Lydon puts into the mix an eccentric lesbian aunt, a tight group of friends, witty dialogues and an equal parts sexy and hilarious elevator ‘ride’ for an entertaining and satisfying read. 5 stars.

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Classic lesfic book:

‘Death by the Riverside’ (Micky Knight #1) by J.M. Redmann

This is the start of the series of 9 books (so far) written by Ms. Redmann along three decades following the adventures of Private detective Micky Knight in the city of New Orleans. In this book, Micky attempts to expose a dangerous drug ring and meets the enigmatic Dr. Cordelia James. 4.5 stars.

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