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Recommended lesbian books

Recommended lesbian books for December 2020

Happy Holidays! Or happy end of 2020 if you don’t celebrate anything else. Here are our Recommended Lesbian Books of the Month. New releases, a classic, a 2019 book and an audiobook. Enjoy!

Recommended new releases

Holiday Erotica

‘Santa’s Favorite’ by Madeleine Taylor

In this Christmas lesbian erotic romance, Lucy doesn’t have the luxury to be spontaneous. After Christmas, she’ll focus on the exams and internships that will complete her law studies but for the moment, she’s taking advantage of winter break to… See Jude’s full review

‘Party Favors’ by Erin McLellan

Amanda and Wren have been online besties for five years. Wren is a badass lingerie designer, impulsive, and oh so cool. Amanda sees herself as the opposite of cool. Her nickname – which she hates – is the disco ball heiress. She does what… See Jude’s full review

Holiday Romance

‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Georgia Beers, Maggie Cummings & Fiona Riley

I enjoyed all three stories and I love how they fit together. They’re very different, both in tone and level of heat (Fiona Riley has not been dubbed… See Jude’s full review


’16 Steps to Forever’ by Georgia Beers

New city, new job, new life. Brooke Sullivan left Ohio, hoping for a new start away from home. That new life starts with a bang when, a few days into Brooke’s new job at Wolfe Realty, Macy Carr barrels into her, sending raspberry Danishes flying every which way and, of course, directly on… See Jude’s full review


‘The thing about Tilly’ by G. Benson

When things get too much, Tilly leaves. She sets off almost without notice and comes back after periods of time of variable lengths. Evie and Sean, her best friends since uni, are resigned to the fact. When Tilly comes back, she fits right back into their life. Except this time… See Jude’s full review

Fantasy / Steampunk

‘Sirens and Syphons’ by Nita Round

This is the second book in the Evie Chester series and it was even better than the first. I really liked the feel of this book and the turn the series has taken from where the first book started. While I still like Round’s Towers series… See Lex’s full review

Sci Fi

‘That Distant Dream’ by Laurel Beckley

This is a military sci-fi with a hint of fantasy series. I’m hoping that hint of fantasy will grow much stronger in future books since I love a good fantasy/sci-fi mix. The premise of this book is about a war hero named Melin, who is trying to reinvent herself. After being tortured… See Lex’s full review

Last year’s book you should read

‘The Priory of the Orange Tree’ by Samantha Shannon

Make no mistake this is a wonderful, sweeping, epic fantasy book. If you are a fan of ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Game of Thrones’, or ‘Dragonoak’, this book is for you. And like those books, this book could have easily been… See Lex’s full review


‘The girls in 3-B’ by Valerie Taylor (1959)

An honest, explosive novel that turns conventional ideas of 1950s femininity upside down, The Girls in 3-B reveals in page-turning detail the hidden world of mid-century America, showcasing predatory Beatnick men, workplace intrigues, drug hallucinations, repressed family secrets, and clandestine lesbian trysts.


‘The Stars at Night’ by Gerri Hill, audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

When Lexie Walton loses her job in Austin, Texas, her parents convince her to move to their rustic lodge and restaurant in the remote Davis Mountains of West Texas. Unconvinced that she’s gonna adapt to such a different life, she agrees to go for the holidays. There, she will meet… See Gaby’s full review


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