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Recommended lesbian books

Recommended lesbian books for July 2021

Here are some recommended lesbian books for July 2021. As usual, we have new releases, audiobooks, and a 2020 book you should read.


Recommended new releases


VIP by Jackie D.

Audrey Knox is one of the most famous actresses in America, well-esteemed among the public. On the other hand, Harlow Thorne, one of the most popular singers in the country, has a badass reputation and a hidden past. When Audrey and Harlow meet, there’s… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Next Life by Lise Gold and Madeleine Taylor

Reina has been mourning the end of her marriage for about a year, and when her friend Sasha suggests she enjoys her newfound freedom instead of seeing the breakup as the end of her life, she can’t deny she has a point. Enters Belle, the new pool girl and, as Reina finds out… See Jude’s review

recommended lesbian books

Historical Romance

Big London Dreams by Clare Lydon

London, 1958. Two young women work side by side in a garment factory. They soon become friends and eventually, the friendship becomes much more. But love between two women in the 1950s is forbidden by society and it’s bound to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books


Red Tide at Heron Bay by Gerri Hill

Like most WLW readers out there, I’m a big Gerri Hill fan. I will happily read anything she writes and I am rarely if ever, disappointed. While Hill’s name on a book is enough to get me to read it, there is something about her crime/mysteries and or paranormal books that I… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books


Covenant by Ann McMan

Covenant takes us deep into the hearts and souls of the people we have come to know and love in this Jericho series. At the end of my review for Goldenrod I mentioned that darkness hangs over Jericho’s community. I recommend you… See Elaine’s review

recommended lesbian books


Beyond the Smoke by Stacy Lynn Miller

Manhattan Sloane and her girlfriend Finn Harper left their respective jobs with the San Francisco Police and the DEA and are now working as private investigators. Their first big case is a contract with the City of San Francisco to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright

I’m quite familiar with Cheryl Wright’s writing as this is now the 5th book I have read by her. Her writing style has its own unique flow to the point where I think I could actually pick out her books blindfolded. I’ve come to realize that even when I’m not… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books


Guin the Emerald by Louisa Kelley

This was another fun book in Kelley’s Shift series. While I enjoyed the first book, I felt like this one was even better. While this could be read as a standalone, I would suggest reading Fianna the Gold first. There are… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books

Science Fiction

Sea Wolf by Anna Burke

In the year 2514, the sea levels on Earth have risen and land is either flooded or too polluted to live on. Compass Rose is a gifted navigator who has joined forces with mercenary Captain Miranda Stillwater. In their journey across the ocean, while they… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Short Stories

In Our Words: Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Writers by Victoria Villasenor & Anne Shade (Editors)

I have a hard time reading short stories but I watched the Zoom leading up to the release of this anthology and was hooked. The stories vary greatly, romances, hookups, spec fic, fantasy, literary. No two are alike in any way but there’s… See Jules’s review

recommended lesbian books

Last year’s book that you should read:

The Stars at Night by Gerri Hill

This is a low angst, drama-free, sweet romance, just what I needed especially at the end of this crazy 2020. Both characters are lovable, mature and they communicate properly with each other. Kudos to the author for not… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books


Must Love Silence by Lucy Bexley, narrated by Abby Craden

Reese Walker is an audiobook narrator who prefers solitude and silence. She rarely leaves her Chicago apartment but a bill collection that threatens to stop her sister’s rehab treatment forces her to accept a job that takes her to NY to record in front of a very… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Flaw in our Design by Monica Mccallan, narrated by Lori Prince

Olivia Carver lives a simple life in Lake Cabot, New York with her dad and brothers and working as a bartender. She has a few no-strings relationships but doesn’t want any commitments as she lost too much in life already. Valerie Maycomb is in Lake Cabot for the summer before going to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Hellion’s Waltz by Olivia Waite, narrated by Morag Sims

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s acting despite the fear, as many famous men – and probably as many overlooked women – have said over the years. Since she and her family were victims of a swindler, Sophie Roseingrave has been living in fear, trying to… See Jude’s review

recommended lesbian books


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