A perfect balance between romance, sex, drama and angst

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VIP by Jackie D

A perfect balance between romance, sex, drama and angst

Review of VIP by Jackie D.

I haven’t read much by this author before, but after enjoying her novel Swift Vengeance, co-authored with Jean Copeland and Erin Zak, I decided to give this book a go. I’m happy I did as it was an enjoyable read.


Audrey Knox is one of the most famous actresses in America, well-esteemed among the public. On the other hand, Harlow Thorne, one of the most popular singers in the country, has a badass reputation and a hidden past. When Audrey and Harlow meet, there’s an undeniable attraction but Harlow’s past threatens to destroy their connection…

This was a very good opposites-attract, celebrity romance. For me, it felt a bit slow at the beginning but once the story started to develop, it reached a perfect pace. As a celebrity romance, VIP has the markings of the subgenre: fame, money, scandal… But what happily surprised me is the unexpected direction the novel took. I thought it was well-plotted and it added dramatic effect and angst to the story but keeping it realistic.

Both characters are very well fleshed out and the author got the chemistry right. I wasn’t expecting the number of sex scenes and how sizzling hot they are. But the story doesn’t stop there. This book has a perfect balance between romance, sex, drama and angst. Even a little bit of intrigue. It made the reading experience very entertaining. With the right narrator, this could make an excellent audiobook too.

If you are into celebrity romances with a bit of drama and angst at the side, then this one of for you. 4.5 stars.

VIP by Jackie D

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