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Recommended lesbian books for March 2021

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere with its promise of new beginnings. Coincidentally (or not) this month we have an all-time record of recommended debut novels. As usual, we have new releases, audiobooks, and a 2020 book you should read.


Recommended new releases

Traditional romance


What a Tangled Web by Melissa Brayden 

This was a good ending to the series. The first book is still my clear favorite but this was a nice step-up from book 2 Two to Tangle, which I struggled with. Book 2 was still a… See Lex’s full review

Table for Two by Kate Gavin

When I saw Kate Gavin’s name, I knew I had read a book by her and the emotion her name evoked was something like “why not”. I’ll be honest, even after rereading the review I wrote of that book… See Jude’s full review


Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go by Kay Acker

I heard good things about this book from my fellow reviewer friends and I’m happy to say that I agree. I don’t know where Bella keeps finding all these great new authors, they must have as… See Lex’s full review

Knit, Purl, a Baby and a Girl by Hettie Bell

A drunken stroll down memory lane with her ex-boyfriend leads Poppy to a Planned Parenthood clinic for help and advice. Escorting her from the cab to the door through the mob of… See Jude’s full review

Love’s Falling Star by BD Grayson 

Lochlan Paige is one of the biggest stars in Nashville. With her gorgeous stage presence and pitch-perfect voice, she’s earned her countless awards and sold-out shows. Everything changes the moment she meets college student Vanessa and her fast-paced, very closeted world of country music is turned upside down.

Sweet and Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

This book had a slightly different feel than I was expecting. While the romance started out as enemies to lovers, it didn’t really last that way. And while I expected the book to be a bit more action-based, it felt like a… See Lex’s full review


The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round

This was a hauntingly good time. I’m a big Round fan so this book had actually been on my Kindle, waiting to be read, for a while now. When I heard a new version of this book -one that had parts rewritten, extended, and added- was being released, I … See Lex’s full review

Last year’s book that you should read:

Hotel Queens by Lee Winter

This story is a perfect example of opposites-attract, love/hate, an ice queen and a fire queen, an introvert and an extrovert. Amelia loves order, numbers, honesty. Kai thrives on chaos and charms her way through her deals, adapting her… See Jude’s full review


Northern Vows by Lise Gold, narrated by Addison Barnes

Northern Vows is the fifth and final book in the Compass series. While I enjoyed getting to know Kristine’s best friend (Eastern Nights) and Hannah’s sister (Western Shores), I couldn’t wait to get more of Kristine and Hannah… See Jude’s full review

Accidental Honeymoon by Miranda MacLeod, narrated by Lori Prince

Almost every time I read a book by Miranda MacLeod, I’m surprised that they make me laugh. Maybe it’s time I stop being surprised and embrace the fact that she is funny. If you like romcoms, you’ll love this book. And Lori Prince is… See Jude’s full review

The Lily and The Crown by Roslyn Sinclair, narrated by Angela Dawe

When I heard that The Lily and the Crown, the fantastic debut novel by Roslyn Sinclair was being released on audiobook narrated by voice actor extraordinaire Angela Dawe, I rushed to get it. This novel was in my… See Gaby’s full review


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