This book was a hauntingly good time
The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round

This book was a hauntingly good time

Review of The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round

This was a hauntingly good time. I’m a big Round fan so this book had actually been on my Kindle, waiting to be read, for a while now. When I heard a new version of this book -one that had parts rewritten, extended, and added- was being released, I decided to wait to read this new version. This was originally one of Round’s first books -I think her sophomore installment- so I’m not surprised that she wanted to revisit it and improve it now that she is an accomplished author. While I don’t know the differences since I haven’t read the original, I do know that I enjoyed this ghost story.


I was surprised by how spooky this ghost story actually was. As such a huge paranormal fan, I just love a good ghost story and especially one that is a bit creepy. It was a really interesting mix of how the two main characters flirted and bantered about, compared to the violent ghost story. It was a good balance that kept the book a little lighter than it could have been. It’s funny but I thought parts of this were a tad creepier than a few of the horror books I’ve read lately.

The romance itself is very sweet. It is more at the beginning stages of two people starting with friendship and connecting deeper. There was a lot going in this story about family history, ghosts, and even some danger, so while the romance progressed, it wasn’t the only storyline. Since it is a sweeter romance there are no explicit scenes, just feelings and some kissing.

In the end, I enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone that likes a good ghost story. It is especially good for people that like their ghost stories a tad creepier with a little danger. This book is currently on Kindle Unlimited, so it’s a great way to take a chance on this book to see if it is for you. 4 stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

The Ghost of Emily Tapper by Nita Round


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