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Recommended lesbian books for October 2019

October has been a busy month for lesbian fiction so it’s been really hard to pick the recommended lesbian books new releases! As usual, we also have a classic, a 2018 book, and an audiobook.

As this is Halloween month, we asked Lex Kent, our resident expert in all things paranormal, to pick her top 10 recommended lesbian Halloween books. Instead, she got us a lucky 13! Check them out here:


Recommended new releases:

Traditional romance:

One Walk in Winter’ by Georgia Beers

Olivia Santini is the assistant manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa and now that the manager post is vacant, she wants the top job badly. Hayley Boyd Markham is the… See Gaby’s full review 

The Roommate Arrangement‘ by Jae

I didn’t know before reading this book that ‘The Roommate Arrangement’ is a sequel to Jae’s ‘Just for Show’. We get to meet again with… See Sandra’s full review

30 dates in 30 days’ by Elle Spencer

Veronica Welch is a lawyer about to be named partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in New York City. Her professional life’s goal almost achieved, she wants to… See Gaby’s full review

Sports Romance:

Slammed‘ by Lola Keeley

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was one of the better books I have read about tennis that I can remember. It did not seem like Keeley just decided… See Lex’s full review 

Fire & Ice‘ by Rachel Spangler

There are a few authors that really know how to write sports romances and Spangler is one of them. What Spangler is great at is having the perfect amount of sports to romance. While most… See Lex’s full review

Young Adult / Action:

The Athena Protocol’ by Shamim Sarif

Jessie Archer is a member of the Athena Protocol, a secret all-female organisation that targets dangerous criminals around the world. The organisation is very strict on… See Gaby’s full review

Mystery / Paranormal:

Stay’ by Mildred Gail Digby

Jade is a foul-mouthed private investigator with a tough past. Now in her early 40’s, Jade is trying to reinvent herself by helping people who can’t help themselves. Or in this case, instead of helping a person, she’s… See Lex’s full review 

Last year’s book that you should read:

Breaking character’ by Lee Winter

When famous British actress Elizabeth Thornton shares the set with American former child prodigy Summer Hayes, a series of random… See Gaby’s full review

Classic lesbian book of the month:

Oranges are not the only fruit‘ by Jeanette Winterson

Written in 1985, this is the story of Jeanette, adopted and brought up by her mother as one of God’s elect. Zealous and passionate, she seems destined for life as a missionary, but then she falls for one of her converts.


Who’d have thought‘ by G. Benson, narrated by Tanya Eby

Neurosurgeon Samantha Thomson needs to get married fast for unknown issues so she offers cash-strapped ER nurse Hayden Pérez 200.000 dollars to tie the knot. Sam comes across as… See Gaby’s full review

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