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Recommended lesbian books for January 2021

Happy New Year! Starting the 4th year of our monthly recommended lesbian books, as usual, we have new releases, audiobooks, and a 2020 book you should read.


Recommended new releases:

Traditional romance:

Night Tide’ by Anna Burke

Ivy Holden is the new vet at the Seal Cove Veterinary Clinic, where Lillian Lee works. Ivy was Lillian’s nemesis in veterinary school, hatred pulsing between them at first sight. Seal Cove is Lillian’s safe place and… See Jude’s full review

Hot London Nights‘ by Clare Lydon

TV star India Contelli is looking for a flat in London ready to settle in the city. But she wasn’t expecting to find estate agent Gina Gupta irresistible…

Come away with me‘ by Rachel Lacey

In Come Away with Me, Piper is an actress on her way to stardom but a traumatic experience has left her with panic attacks on top of the anxiety she’s always known. She’s about to audition for… See Jude’s full review

Sports romance:

The Clinch‘ by Nicole Disney

Eden Bauer came a long way from a traumatic childhood to become the undisputed UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) featherweight champion. That is, until new Martial Artist Brooklyn Shaw appears in… See Gaby’s full review


Blue‘ by Abigail Padgett

Dr. Blue McCarron is a social psychologist who works with businesses to determine the shopping behavior of potential customers, nothing flashy but she makes good money. Two years ago Misha, the… See Jules’s full review

A Message in Blood‘ by Catherine Maoirisi

This is such an excellent mystery series! It’s really well done and each book is better than the last. This is the third and possibly final book in the series and I could not stop reading it. This book is a little on the… See Lex’s full review


The Last Time We Met‘ by Maggie Brown and Leni Hanson

The first time Merritt saw Austen, it was by accident. She was entirely focused on her studies and her love life, let alone her sex life, was quasi non-existent. She couldn’t… See Jude’s full review


Journey to Cash’ by Ashley Bartlett

This is the fourth and final book in the Cash Braddock series. I’m really sad to see the series end. This series is great, but it’s also one of the more underrated WLW series out there. Not in actual ratings -because they were good- but… See Lex’s full review

Last year’s book that you should read:

Those who wait’ by Haley Cass

Winner of the Best of Lesfic 2020 readers poll organised by LezReviewBooks and Les Rêveur, this is a must-read book for all lesbian romance fans. The audiobook, narrated by Lori Prince, is also fantastic.



That certain something‘ by Clare Ashton, audiobook narrated by Jessica Jeffries

This is Ms. Ashton’s first audiobook release and here’s hoping that she won’t stop until all of them are out. Pia Benitez-Smith is a photojournalist full of idealism and romantic ideas. Then she randomly meets Cate, who is her… See Gaby’s full review

Pitifully Ugly‘ by Robin Alexander, Audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

Shannon Brycen is an introvert looking for love. Tired of being set up by her sister with poor blind dates, she decides to explore the world of online dating. But maybe love was closer than she thought… See Gaby’s full review


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