The fourth and final book in the Cash Braddock series
Cash Braddock series

The fourth and final book in the Cash Braddock series

Review of ‘Journey to Cash’ by Ashley Bartlett

Cash’s last adventure. This is the fourth and final book in the Cash Braddock series. I’m really sad to see the series end. This series is great, but it’s also one of the more underrated WLW series out there. Not in actual ratings -because they were good- but in how many people have read this. I think Cash being a drug dealer is what turned people away, but I’m so glad I gave it a chance because the series gave me such enjoyment. This series is clever, witty, funny, heartfelt, angsty, and exciting. Each book in the series got better and better (with book 3 being my absolute favorite) and this is a series I will happily reread again and again.


This is the type of series that every book is very connected to. This is NOT a series that you want to jump in on any old book. Starting at book one, ‘Cash Braddock’, and learning all the characters and how everything fits, is important in being able to enjoy every book that follows. Each book picks up where the other left off and Bartlett loved to end the books on cliffhanger moments. So if you are interested please read these books in order.

Since the books are so connected, it’s hard to write a review for a finale book without spoiling anything so I’m going to be vague here. It was sad knowing I was reading the finale Cash’s book but I was happy with this ending. It is hard to say goodbye to so many characters that I love. I’m a big Lane, Andy, and of course Cash fan. Who would have thought a drug dealer character would probably crack my top 20 all-time fav lesfic characters. She is so snarky, but in a witty and not annoying way, with a really good heart. It was nice to see how much she did grow over this series and even in this final book.

I’m keeping this review on the shorter side for me. I feel like it is too hard not to accidentally give anything away and I know there are so many people who have not tried this series yet. If you could not tell but I absolutely recommend this to romance, crime, and humor fans. I really am going to miss this series but this was a good ending that I’m happy with. 4.25 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

Cash Braddock seriesCash Braddock series

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