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Recommended lesfic books for February 2018

February is here which means Valentine’s day, the best day of the year for romance lovers. No wonder that the book recommendations of this month are traditional, heart warming romances. This particular February is also time for the Winter Olympics so there is a suggested book for those of you who love winter sports and ice queens. Enjoy!

Recommended new releases

‘Just for show’ by Jae

A heart warming romance about a fake relationship between psychologist Claire Renshaw and barista/actress Lana Henderson. Dr. Renshaw is a successful couples therapist with a mild obsessive compulsive disorder and a big reputation at stake when her fiancée calls the engagement off. As an expert in relationships, a career changing book deal might fall through if her publisher realises that she’s been dumped. Hiring an actress to play the role of her fiancée seems to be the perfect solution, at least in theory. But when Lana appears in Claire’s life with her untidiness, her diet full of carbs and tendency to put her foot in her mouth, Claire starts second guessing her decision. Will they be able to fake their relationship? And what if it’s not so pretend after all?

‘Hearts like hers’ by Melissa Brayden

4.5 stars
Book 2 of the ‘Seven shores’ series, the plot revolves around Autumn Primm, owner of the ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ coffee shop and her relationship with Kate Carpenter, an out of town firefighter who’s escaping from a traumatic experience in her past. There’s almost instant chemistry but will their budding relationship be as fleeting as Kate’s stay in LA?

Classic lesfic book of the month

‘Fated love’ by Radclyffe

5+ stars
Published in 2004, this is my favourite novel by Radclyffe. A medical slow burn romance with endearing characters, off the charts chemistry and a couple of twists and turns.

Last year’s lesfic book that you should read

‘Edge of glory’ by Rachel Spangler

5+ stars
Elise is a 25 year old skier with a couple of Olympics participations that got her both times a frustrating fourth place. She’s the typical ice queen, equally driven as demanding. However, a serious injury got her struggling to get back to her best form. Corey is a 30 year old snowboarder with a gold Olympic medal, a laid back attitude and the nagging feeling that her career might be over. Do opposites attract? Or maybe they are not so different after all.

Valentine’s themed lesfic book to read

‘All I want for Valentine’s’ by Clare Lydon

4 stars
Book two in the series ‘All I want’ which follows the relationship between Londoners Tori and Holli. Witty and funny novella.

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