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Recommended lesfic books for January 2018

Recommended new release:

‘Known threat’ (Agent O’Connor #3) by Kara A. Mc Leod

This is book number 3 of the Agent O’Connor series which I recommend to read chronologically. The series has some ups and downs but ‘Known threat’ is definitely worth a read. It’s action packed with some drama and romance at the side. Be prepared to get hooked as there is going to be a book number 4.

Recommended new author release:

‘The universe between us’ by Jane C. Esther

Solid debut novel by Jane Esther. This is a sci-fi, young adult romance between biochemist Ana Mitchel, who’s about to leave in a mission to colonise Mars, and her housemate, art student Jolie Dann. As time goes by, their feelings for each other grow but also the date for Ana’s departure to Mars gets closer. Will Ana put her commitment to science above all, even if it means losing her chance at love?

Classic lesfic book of the month:

‘And playing the role of herself’ by K.E. Lane

Fantastic romance written in 2007 by a debut author that’s been highly acclaimed by readers and critics alike. It’s the story between two actresses, Robyn and Caid, working on a tv show. Robyn is an accomplished actress while Caid is new to the show. Written from the point of view of Caid, the reader sees how her feelings grow while Robyn remains a mystery. As the main characters get to know each other, their chemistry develops to off the charts territory. A great book that should be read by all lesfic fans.

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Last year’s lesfic book that you should read:

‘Ask, tell’ by EJ Noyes

This is a beautiful love story between two US army doctors (one the boss of the other) in times of the Don’t ask don’t tell policy. This book goes beyond the typical lesbian romance, it has suspense, action, angst and there is even place for social and political criticism. All perfectly balanced, realistic and beautifully written by a surprisingly debut author.

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