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Recommended lesfic books for February 2019

In the month of Valentine’s, the book recommendations focus on love. But who says that you can only find it in a romance novel? February’s list has it all: fantasy, mystery and, of course, romance. Enjoy!

Recommended new releases:

‘Thorn’ by Anna Burke

Rowan is the daughter of a merchant who unknowingly gives her a cursed rose taken during an ill-fated hunting trip. The rose was in a land of eternal winter inhabited by a mysterious woman called the Huntress. Furious at the merchant for killing her wolves and stealing her rose, the Huntress irrupts into the merchant’s house and takes the rose back along with Rowan. Trapped in the Huntress’s realm of eternal winter and curse, Rowan will have to choose between her family loyalties and her growing feelings for the Huntress.

Overall, a very good lesfic retelling of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’. A tale of suffering, bravery and love conquering all. 5 stars.

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‘Listen’ by Kris Bryant

‘Listen’ is part of the ‘Senses’ series by this author along with ‘Taste’ and ‘Touch’. It’s the story of Lily Croft, a former Classical music’s child prodigy who quit music altogether unable to handle the pressure of her career. She now suffers from anxiety and works as an actuary trying to keep to herself. One day she hears beautiful piano music coming from The Leading Note, a music education charity. Slowly she gets drawn to the place and its founder, Hope D’Marco, who is a very talented musician. Will Lily bring her walls down to accept Hope into her world or will her anxiety prove to be too much?

Overall, an excellent novel about anxiety, music, love and getting out of one’s comfort zone. 5 stars.

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‘Full English’ by Rachel Spangler

Emma Volant is an American best-selling author that, after a nasty divorce, decides to leave the US for a small town in North Eastern England. Full of insecurities and low self esteem, she slowly starts to interact with people in the village, specially Brogan McKay, the pub’s bartender and job multitasker. As Emma and Brogan’s friendship grows so does their mutual attraction, but, Emma needs time to heal and Brogan thinks Emma is out of her league. Will they have a happily ever after?

This is a very good story about American and British culture clash with a moving romance at the side. 4.5 stars.

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Recommended debut book:

Hooked on you‘ by Jenn Matthews

Trying to fight boredom and routine, Anna enrolls in a crochet class run by Ollie, a war veteran and owner of a crafty shop in London. Slowly, both women will realise that their connection goes beyond their shared hobby. Will that budding friendship develop into something more?

This is a sweet, slow-burn romance between two women in their 50s. 4 stars.

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Last year’s book that you should read:

‘The Goodmans’ by Clare Ashton

This book has it all: love, romance, family drama, angst, quirky humour, sex, social criticism, redemption and deep insights in motherhood and ageing. It even has unexpected twists and turns. 5+ stars.

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Valentine’s themed book:

‘The morning after’ by Jae

Tired of dates from hell, Amanda decides to quit dating altogether. Acting on a whim, she attends an Anti-Valentine’s party. But things get complicated the morning after. Light and entertaining novella. 4 stars.

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