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Recommended Lesfic Books of April 2018

Recommended Lesfic Books of April 2018

Recommended new release:
‘Blend’ by Georgia Beers

5 stars

‘Blend’ is set in Vineyard, a wine bar property of Piper Bradshaw’s mother who decides to take an extended vacation and leave her daughter in charge along with general manager Lindsay Kent. Piper has a full time corporate job and very little interest to liaise with Lindsay as they seem to be completely opposites. Piper is a control freak, distant person while Lindsay is creative and cheerful. Will they be able to manage Vineyard without conflicts? And what if opposites attract? A very entertaining and beautiful novel for all lesfic romance fans. Georgia Beers at her best.

Recommended new author release:
‘The music and the mirror’ by Lola Keeley

5+ stars

This is the story of Anna, a newbie in a successful dance company, and Victoria, former prima ballerina and its current artistic director. It gives us an insight of the ballet world with its high competition, the physical demands, the threatening of injury looming all the time, the jealousy and egocentric behaviours. Their relationship is a huge dancing foreplay, Anna and Victoria’s chemistry is off the charts. Highly recommended even if you are not interested in ballet.

Classic lesfic book of the month:
‘Something in the wine’ by Jae

4 stars

Anne Pridaux’s brother latest practical joke is to set her up on a blind date with a woman. Anne is straight but decides to get revenge by pretending to fall in love with her lesbian date Drew. But what starts as a game ends differently as Anne and Drew get to know each other… 4 stars.

Last year’s book that you should read:
‘An outsider inside’ by R J Samuel

4.5 stars

In the run-up to Ireland’s referendum on same-sex marriage, Irish-Indian lesbian activist Jaya Dillon has to confront her unresolved issues on bisexualty and her mixed race origin. This is not an easy read as it touches difficult identity issues such as race, gender and sexuality. It’s a book inside a book with intriguing characters and a rollercoaster of emotions. 4.5 stars.

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