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Recommended Lesfic Books of August 2018

This month I chose three new releases in different genres. As usual, I added a debut author, a classic lesfic book you cannot go without and a last year’s book you should read.

Recommended new releases:


‘Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse’ by Georgette Kaplan

This book is part one of ‘The Cushing-Nevada chronicles’ series which follows the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Candice Cushing and maverick treasure hunter Easy Nevada. They are both interested in digging the secrets of a mysterious pyramid in Sudan: Candice for widening the country’s heritage, Easy for her own materialistic interests. As a group of religious extremists get involved in the hunt, both women become unlikely allies to try to unearth the pyramid’s secrets without dying in the process…
To say that this is an action book is a huge understatement. Wild adventure, crazy non-stop action and characters constantly on the move is a better definition. 4.5 stars.

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‘Love’s verdict’ by Carsen Taite

Carsen Taite excels at writing legal thrillers with lesbian main characters using her experience as a criminal defense attorney. Lately, she has written the ‘Lone star law’ series which was inspired in the 1980s ‘Dallas’ soap opera which, in my opinion, didn’t showcase her knowledge of the American legal system. I’m happy to see that with ‘Love’s veredict’ she’s back at what she does best. 4 stars

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‘Paper love’ by Jae

This is a slow-burn romance between Susanne Wolff, a business consultant, and her uncle’s stationary shop employee Anja Lamm. When Susanne is urged to try to save ‘Paper love’, a small shop located in Freiburg, her relationship with Anja gets off to a rocky start. Can they learn to trust each other to keep away ‘Paper love’ from bankruptcy? Will their budding friendship develop into something more?
This love story has the unexpected setting in a stationary store within the also unexpectedly beautiful background of Jae’s home city of Freiburg (Germany). It’s a refreshing change from the usual lesfic scenery. 4.5 stars

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Debut author

‘Push me pull me’ by Amanda Rhodes

Mallory Grant is struggling with her life. Her job as a leasing agent for a condo company pays the bills but doesn’t make her happy and her social life is nonexistent. When she meets Corinne Ibori, a gorgeous and confident client who shows more interest in her personally than professionaly, things start to look up for Mallory. If only she could gather the courage to take things to the next level…
Very good erotica novella by debut author Amanda Rhodes.  4 stars.

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Last year’s book you shouldn’t miss

‘Poppy Jenkins’ by Clare Ashton

Beautiful love story by the author of ‘After Mrs. Hamilton’ written in 2016. Poppy is the only lesbian in a small village in Mid-Wales and works in The Real Food Café that serves chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. Will her almond and orange-oil brownies win beautiful Rosalyn’s heart? 4.5 stars

Classic lesfic book

‘Above All, Honor’ by Radclyffe

‘Above all, Honor’ is the first book of the Honor series by Radclyffe which follows Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and Blair Powell, the daughter of the President of the United States. Cameron sworn to protect the first daughter but Blair is a strong-minded and independent woman who is not interested in making Cameron’s job easy. But neither of them is prepared for the budding feelings for each other and for the dangers that they have to face. Written in 2001, this is a great start of the series filled with action, suspense and romance. 4 stars

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