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Find your Match in Lesbian Books

Recommended Lesfic Books of June 2018.

With Summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, there are a lot of high-rated new releases so this month it’s impossible to choose one or two. So I chose 5 new releases, listed in alphabetical order. As usual, I added a classic lesfic book you cannot go without and a last year’s book you should read.

Recommended new releases:

‘The Goodmans’ by Clare Ashton.
5 stars

Doctor Abby Hart is secretly in love with best friend Jude Goodman who happens to be straight. As secrets start to reveal themselves, a chain of events unveil within a small English town. This is a romance but also a book about family life. ‘The Goodmans’ has it all: love, angst, humour and heart warming moments. Another beautiful book by Clare Ashton.

‘Code of conduct’ by Cheyenne Blue.
4.5 stars

Top ten tennis player Viva Jones had a heated disagreement with lineswoman Gabriela Mendaro about a contentious fault that allegedly cost her US Open title defence. Fifteen months later, they meet by chance on a deserted road and eventually the initial argument turns into attraction. The problem is that under the tennis association code of conduct, players and officials shouldn’t fraternise, let alone date. Will their budding relationship have any future?

A very good read that mixes a slow burn romance with a fast paced tennis environment. In my opinion, what really makes this book so original is how tennis is in the plot’s driving seat. This is a sports’ book as much as a romance. I’d go as far as calling it a ‘tennis thriller’.

‘Sparks like ours’ by Melissa Brayden.
4.5 stars

This is book 3 of the ‘Seven shores’ series featuring four friends living in Venice beach, California which I recommend to read chronologically. ‘Sparks like ours’ is the story of Gia Malone, a professional surfer, and Elle Britton, world champion surfer and Gia’s fiercest competitor. As number two in the world, Gia is determined to beat Elle whom she considers superficial and too perky. But when an advertising campaign brings them working together, Gia starts reconsidering her opinion about Elle and Elle begins to question her own sexuality. Will they act on their growing attraction or will their budding relationship be destroyed by the extreme competition between them?

‘Sparks like ours’ is one of Ms. Brayden’s books with less angst or drama I’ve read. The characters’ conflict is more due to career challenges than serious disputes or misunderstandings. It makes the conflict realistic and sad at the same time. The rest is pure Brayden’s usual style: witty dialogues, hot chemistry, well crafted plots.

‘Alias’ by Cari Hunter.
5 stars

A woman wakes up in a car accident next to a dead body. She doesn’t remember her name or how she got there. As she is recovering in hospital from her injuries, she discovers some facts about her identity which leaves her with more questions than answers. She realises that her life is in danger because she knows something that might implicate someone… but has no idea what or whom. The only person she trusts is Browen Pryce, the smart and beautiful detective who rescued her from the car wreck. Will they be able to solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Amnesia is quite a common occurrence in book plots sometimes to the verge of credibility. This is not the case as the events seem very realistic. Along with the characters, the readers slowly bring the pieces of the puzzle together and without playing tricks on us, the author manages to deliver a twist at the end. Another excellent book by Ms. Hunter. A real treat for lesfic mystery fans.

‘Gold’ by EJ Noyes.
5 stars

Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer is retired from competitive skiing due to a serious injury. She prefers to keep a low profile by teaching in ski resorts and hiding her problems. While working in Australia, she meets Cate Tierney, a Physical therapist with relationship issues and a teenage daughter. Their mutual attraction is undeniable but will their emotional baggage get in the way of happiness?

As the story is told from Aspen’s point of view, the reader gets into her headspace enjoying her sarcasm and wit while suffering with her insecurity and anxiety. On the other hand, we know little about Cate as each layer of her story is peeled excruciatingly slow. We don’t understand many things that she does or says but Ms. Noyes gradually clues us in. Together, their chemistry is spot on, realistic and hot. Another winner by EJ Noyes

‘Under your skin’ by Lee Winter.
5 stars

This is a sequel of ‘The red files’ and follows the story of two reporters, ‘Caustic Queen’ Catherine Ayers and Lauren King who are planning their wedding and get involved, once again, in investigating a link of corruption that involves a billionaire entrepreneur, a US Senator and the FBI. As usual, a great read by Lee Winter.

Last year’s lesfic book that you should read:

‘The Lily and the Crown’ by Roslyn Sinclair
5 stars

‘The Lily and the Crown’ is a sci-fi story in which the universe is ruled by a human empire under attack of both pirates and extraterrestrials. In this context, Ariana is a recluse botanist, daughter of a space station commander. Her world is turned upside down when she is given a slave to assist her. The nameless slave is beautiful, intelligent and sexy and will change Ariana’s life forever.

Classic lesfic book of the month:

‘The summer of our discontent’ by Robin Alexander
5 stars

Faith Leblanc has always had a feud with her neighbour Rachel Chauvin. After their conflict exacerbates with a series of incidents in a summer camping, a truce is called. But when peace comes, they both realise that they have things in common and feelings too. A typical book by Robin Alexander with quirky, funny characters and witty humour that will leave a smile on your face. A quintessential enemy to lovers book.

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