I love this fantasy series.

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I love this fantasy series.

Review of ‘A Bird of Sorrow’ by Shea Godfrey.

I enjoyed this, I thought it was a good read, but I am disappointed that I didn’t love this book. This is the third book in the epic fantasy series of Arravan. I love this series. The first two books were both 5 stars for me. That’s why even though I liked this book, I was bummed I could not put another full 5 star rating up. This is another series that I highly, highly recommend reading in order. Since reading book 2 of this series, I have read over a thousand books before I read this one. I found my memory to be a bit stuffed and I was a little lost in the beginning of this book. It took a while for my memory to kick in and remember all the characters and important plot points. If I was a little lost having read all three books, I just think it would be pretty confusing for someone new to start the series here.


I think one of the reasons I’m a little disappointed is because I expected this to be the end of the series. Book 2 was written almost five years ago. I was actually almost giving of hope of ever reading a book 3. I wrongly assumed that Godfrey came back to the series, after all this time, to give us a grand finale. Instead, this book wasn’t the end, and it felt like a lot of filler. Yes, some important things did happen, but this felt like Godfrey had written one big final book and it got cut into two and this was part one. While there was a little excitement towards the end, this book felt much slower than the previous one. I kept waiting for more to happen but it didn’t. It was also very mystical, diving into the Darry’s magic, which was important but it dragged on too long for me.

I even found myself thinking there were too many sex scenes. I mean how often do I make that complaint? Not bloody often at all! But I just felt this book was almost all talk, understanding magic, and Darry and Jessa getting it on. It was nice to see two main characters I care about having sexy times, I just was anticipating so much more.

Even with my complaints, I still enjoyed this. Godfrey is an underrated and very talented writer. She has an excellent imagination and it really showed in this book. If my expectations weren’t so high expecting much action and a final showdown, I think I would have enjoyed this even more. I’m just keeping every finger and toe crossed that Godfrey does not make us wait five more years for book 4. I would still absolutely recommend this series to fantasy fans, but definitely start at book 1.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.


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