Review of '21 Questions' by Mason Dixon

Review of ’21 Questions’ by Mason Dixon

I’ve read a couple of books by this author under her real name of Yolanda Wallace. For me, her books get a 3 star average. This book is no different. Even though the plot concept is interesting (speed dating taken to a broader arena), I found some issues in the crafting of this plot that put me off a bit.


The dialogues seem artificial, they seem to be more written rather than spoken. Even sometimes it gets too formal to make it believable. This also applies for the text messages, some of them too long for that medium (see chater 6 for a text that is 73 words long).

At some points the book gets too descriptive of the feelings of the characters that somewhat gets tedious. This is particularly annoying when this happens within dialogues that slows the normal flow of a conversation.

Even though the main characters have good chemistry, the secondary characters are a bit flat, described as either good or bad, without contradictions.

Overall, an ok read. 3 stars

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