Review of 'A more perfect union' by Carsen Taite.

Review of ‘A more perfect union’ by Carsen Taite.

Carsen Taite is one of my favourite lesfic authors (see my complete list here). She excels in writing legal thrillers by using her own experience as a criminal defense attorney. It’s a pity that lately she abandoned the use of legal issues in her books as they are very realistic and enjoyable. ‘A more perfect union’ can be considered a mystery mixed with military and political intrigue and a bit of romance on the side. The story focuses on Zoey Granger, an army Major with impeccable credentials who is called by the Pentagon to investigate a scandal involving army officials and escorts, and Rook Daniels, a spin doctor contracted by the White House to monitor the enquiry. As the investigation progresses, so does their relationship and involvement. Will they discover the underlying complot and the culprits before their lives are at risk?


There’s no doubt that Ms. Taite can write and she shows it again in this book. However, this plot didn’t grab my attention as much as some of her previous books. For me, this wasn’t a page turner as a mystery/intrigue should be. The pace only picked up a bit at the end but not enough to consider it a thriller. I found the romance timing was a bit off and it wraps up quite fast at the end. The author, who normally manages the sexual tension with proficiency (for example in ‘It should be a crime’) fell a bit short on this one. I think that Zoey and Rook’s character traits and their initial antagonism in their investigation roles had a lot of potential to exploit in terms of tension.

Overall, an ok read for those fans of political/military intrigue that deals with very current political issues. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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