Review of 'A night claimed' by Domina Alexandra.

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Review of ‘A night claimed’ by Domina Alexandra.

3.50 Stars. As a paranormal fan, I was really excited to read this. A lesfic book about werewolves is a big yes please! While I must admit this book was a little bumpy in parts, I still had a fun time reading it.


Bonnie is a paramedic that lives for helping people. One night she comes upon a car with their hazards on and jumps to help. Even with Bonnie taking precautions, she doesn’t expect to be horribly attacked by an animal. Bonnie’s life is about to change in ways so could never have imagined.

This was the kind of entertaining werewolf story I was hoping for. It’s not perfect, but it was a fun read. There were some common werewolf traits we see in many books, but I do have to admit I was happily surprised that Alexandra added a few new things, at least new to me (and I read a ton of paranormal) so it was nice to read more than just expected werewolf lore.

Bonnie is an interesting character. She is a spitfire to say the least. She is the kind of character you want to strangle one minute, but then are rooting for the next. In a lot of paranormal books people accept their fate pretty easy. Bonnie did not. She fought tooth and nail to the last minute. While sometimes it drove me nuts, I like that Alexandra made it more believable by having a character actually feel something when her whole life as she knows it is ripped apart.

There is a romance in this. It’s not insta-love but the connection is quick. This gets a pass from me because of the whole paranormal aspect. And Alexandra did make sure the characters didn’t get together right away which I appreciate. The sex scenes didn’t blow me away but they were decent and I liked the two women as a couple.

I do need to mention the bumps. I did find the writing to be a little choppy at times mostly in the beginning. There was also a lot of wanting to yell at characters to just talk it out that drove me nuts. Luckily, this was more in the beginning of the book too since Alexandra picked up steam and the book read much better the last two thirds. I also have to mention a few obvious mistakes like an extra word not needed in a sentence or missing quotation marks. There were not too many mistakes to drive me nuts, but I do think the publisher should have caught these. And lastly there was one sort of important twist near the end that was not explained very well. I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Again no offense to the publisher, but I think it should have been reworked a bit since I’m not the only reviewer to be a little confused.

This book definitely had some bumps, but I still had fun reading it. It was the kind of paranormal werewolf adventure I was hoping to find. The way this book left off, there is plenty of room for a sequel. If there is a second book I would read it. I’m hoping it might clear up a few questions I still have and I just want to visit this supernatural world again.

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