Review of 'A palette for love' by Charlotte Greene

Review of ‘A palette for love’ by Charlotte Greene

This is the first book I’ve read by this author so I had no preconceptions about it. It is well written (after all, the author has a PhD in English) but I couldn’t engage with the lead characters and their issues. The book is based on a romance between a research assistant and her boss, exploiting the power play and the tension in the differences in their relationship not only in terms of boss vs. assistant but also rich vs. middle class girl. This tension is shown in many aspects of their relationship including sex which can be characterised as mild BDSM.
As this is the first of a book series there are a number of issues (quite) unresolved so beware as you need to patiently wait until the next installment if you want to see how some parts of the plot develop. It is written in first person (the assistant, Chloe, point of view) with the exception of some paragraphs nearly the end written in third person. This change interrupted my reading flow a bit and kept me wondering if there could have been a way to avoid this because all that part of the plot comes too late in the book and too sudden.
Overall 3 stars, an ok read but if you are interested in boss / assistant romances and power play in the workplace there are better examples like ‘Too close to touch’ by Georgia Beers or ‘Under a falling star’ by Jae.
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