Review of 'A Reluctant enterprise' by Gun Brooke.

Review of ‘A Reluctant enterprise’ by Gun Brooke.

This is the first book by Gun Brooke that I’ve ever read and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it much. I appreciate the author’s efforts and a good edition (as usual) by this publisher but I have a few issues with this book. One is that I didn’t find believable the way the main characters got to know each other (the strange conditions of the will). Normally I wouldn’t mind much if the characters have chemistry or if the story develops into something gripping and interesting but this wasn’t the case for me.


I found that there was a great deal of description of how the characters felt that sometimes made dialogues hard to follow. For me, the dialogues were more fluid to read by skipping the descriptions in between. Also, in my opinion, the alternation between the past and present in the story made it less dynamic.

Overall, the level of angst was too much for my taste though I appreciate that some readers might like it. In conclusion, it didn’t work for me but if you are looking for a tour the force in angst and drama more than a sweet romance, give it a go. 3 stars.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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