Review of 'Alone' by E.J. Noyes.

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Review of ‘Alone’ by E.J. Noyes.

4.5 Stars. There are only a handful of authors that I will drop everything to read as soon as a new book comes out, and Noyes is at the top of that list. While I pride myself on being a fair reviewer, I know I can be a little picky at times. But every time Noyes puts a new book out she manages to blow my mind just a little more. While I do admit the storyline of this book is not my favorite by Noyes (it’s hard to compete with one of my all-time favorite books in ‘Ask, Tell’ or the sweeping romance of ‘Gold’) but this might actually be one of her best written books. It’s hard to show growth, as an author, when your debut is fanfreakingtastic, but it is clear to see Noyes’ writing just gets better and better with every book she writes.


This book is quite different than any Noyes has written before. Actually, if you look at her complete body of work no two books feel the same which I think is really impressive. It’s hard to pick categories to fit this book into. It is a romance, but again it’s different from the norm. It is also psychological but not a psychological thriller; there really aren’t other lesfic books out there like this. And while Ask Me Again was absolutely heartbreaking at times, I think this is the most emotional book Noyes has written. It sure took me on a ride and messed with my feelings. This is what a good first person story is supposed to do. It is supposed to draw you into the character and make you feel. Well I was feeling something alright. I cried, I smiled, I was angry and disgusted, and I was sad but also relieved. This book put my emotions through a wringer and it was exactly what I wanted.

When it came to the romance I thought it was well written. Again, it is very different but here’s that word again, emotional. With the way the two characters meet, the chemistry does build slowly, but when the characters are together it was almost powerful. It made you feel like you were reading about two people that were meant to be connected to each other. And the sex scenes… my gosh were they steamy. But it’s not just the steam factor, they were intimate and consuming. I’ve always been impressed by the sex scenes Noyes writes but these seemed like a noticeable step-up.

I do have to point out this is a slower paced book. The story is about someone living in isolation for years. So there is plenty of just everyday living and someone trying to keep sane in the face of complete loneliness. And there were even some parts you could see coming as a reader, but even with some parts being a little telegraphed, the outcome still almost wrecked me. Again, this is the testament to the excellent writing skills of Noyes.

If you are a Noyes fan, don’t hesitate to get this. If you are a romance fan but want to read something different, get this. It seems no matter what Noyes writes she doesn’t disappoint. I will eagerly be waiting for whatever she writes next.

An ARC was given to me for a honest review.

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