Review of 'As the crow flies' by Karen F. Williams.

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Review of ‘As the crow flies’ by Karen F. Williams.

4.5 Stars. This book was wonderfully written. I have never read Williams before. I realized I have an old paperback copy of her book ‘Nightshade’. After reading this book and realizing the quality writer she is, I’m really intrigued to finally read it. This a wlw romance with a light paranormal flare.


An interesting twist, this book actually includes two romances; a younger potential couple and an older potential couple. This book is a nice long length so there is plenty of time for all four characters and their potential romances to shine. While all four characters are completely different, they are all likeable and you end up rooting for both pairs. I also have to mention, one of the characters is a writer. This felt like one of the truer author characters I have ever read before. The characters are really crafted and very realistic.

I do want to mention this book is a little more cerebral. It’s the kind of book you might learn a few things. There is some talk about philosophy, art, life after death, and even car racing. The really nice thing is the book never felt preachy. The topics were also explained on a level that didn’t talk down to us as readers, but it doesn’t go over your head either. It was a really nice balance. This is the kind of book that won’t get a lot of attention, but it really should because the quality or writing is that good.

I mentioned this does have some light paranormal aspects. There is a ghost in this story. It is not the kind of ghost you might normally expect and it’s only one part of the book. There are some of us who believe in ghosts, some who don’t, this was a take on a ghost that one could actually believe might be true. Besides the paranormal aspects there is even a little excitement so the story kept me turning the pages.

This was an excellent quality story that was really well written. I see paranormal anything, and I grab it. However, I honestly didn’t expect this to be so good. I’m very happy that I read it.

An ARC was given to me by BSB, for a honest review.

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4 thoughts on “Review of ‘As the crow flies’ by Karen F. Williams.”

  1. IKR? Absolutely LOVED this! Read all her books since. Love her writing. Intellectual, nerdy, lyrical. Just a joy to read those words in any of her stories.

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