Review of 'Ask, tell' by EJ Noyes

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Review of ‘Ask, tell’ by EJ Noyes

This is a beautiful love story between two US army doctors (one the boss of the other) in times of the Don’t ask don’t tell policy. Written in first person and in present tense, it takes a couple of chapters to get used to but, despite the potential problems of this stylistic choice, the author pulls it off perfectly. This book goes beyond the typical lesbian romance, it has suspense, action, angst and there is even place for social and political criticism. All perfectly balanced, realistic and beautifully written by a surprisingly debut author.
In a nutshell, the best lesbian military book I’ve ever read. Cannot recommend it more. 5+ stars.

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Ask, tell’ by EJ Noyes”

  1. If your military, you’ll realize inaccuracies.
    Drolled on, fast slagging, built up was not much.
    Good ending at least.
    Clueless as to American military.

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