Review of 'Bait and switch' by Blythe Warren.

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Review of ‘Bait and switch’ by Blythe Warren.

This is an enjoyable lesbian rom-com with emphasis in the comedy part. Written in first person from the point of view of marine biologist Liv Cucinelli, the story starts when she meets her former college nemesis Mira. To say that Liv holds a grudge against Mira for ruining her college career is an understatement, but somehow they manage to go past their previous differences to start an unlikely friendship. Will it develop into something more?


As an English College teacher, Ms. Warren is quite good with words, though she has a flair for using some strange ones like ‘preternatural’ or ‘immiscible’. I haven’t read her previous book so I’m not sure if it’s her usual writing style or this particular character’s voice. Sometimes, her choice of words is distracting but in most cases is hilarious. A good example is all the different ways she calls Mira’s mother: ‘Darth Vader in a pantsuit’, ‘Lady Lucifer’, ‘homophobic terrorist’, ’empress of evil’ and so on. The plot is entertaining, the dialogues are realistic and the secondary characters complement the story nicely, specially Mira’s deaf daughter Cassie.

Overall, a very enjoyable and entertaining read. 4 stars.

ARC provided by Bella Books in exchange for an honest review.

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