Review of 'Bitterroot Queen' by Jove Belle.

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Review of ‘Bitterroot Queen’ by Jove Belle.

Jove Belle is a solid lesfic author whose books are well crafted and entertaining to read. ‘Bitterroot Queen’ is the first of the series ‘Bitterroot Saga’ so expect some parts of the plot left unresolved and the introduction of some secondary characters who might have a more prominent role in the future installments.


This is the story of Olly, a nomad handy woman who stops at the town of Bitterroot and unexpectedly feels at home in it. There she meets Sam and her daughter Beth, who are in dire need of a person who can help them refurbish their recently purchased but derelict motel. One word of warning, the refurbishment process is described meticulously by the author so if you don’t like DIY, this book might not be for you. I’m not sure if the amount of DIY description balances right within the plot, as it sometimes feels that too much building information is provided. Nevertheless, the characters are well crafted and the plot develops neatly. Just don’t expect too much romance happening as this book deals more with each of the main characters’ family conflicts and soul searching.

Overall, a well written book but might disappoint if you are looking for hot romance. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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