Review of 'Blend' by Georgia Beers.

Review of ‘Blend’ by Georgia Beers.

‘Blend’ is set in Vineyard, a wine bar property of Piper Bradshaw’s mother who decides to take an extended vacation and leave her daughter in charge along with general manager Lindsay Kent. Piper has a full time corporate job and very little interest to liaise with Lindsay as they seem to be completely opposites. Piper is a control freak, distant person while Lindsay is creative and cheerful. Will they be able to manage Vineyard without conflicts? And what if opposites attract?


Lately I’ve been a bit disappointed with Georgia Beers’s novels, I rated her previous one ‘Right here, right now’ 3.5 stars and I’ve never got invested in her Puppy love series either. Fortunately for her many fans, Ms. Beers is back! ‘Blend’ is a fantastic book with lovable but realistic characters, slow build-up sizzling romance and an expertly crafted plot. The book is a perfect blend (pun intended) of wit, humour, romance and conflict that keeps the reader turning pages and wanting more. The dog character is superb with his own personality and ‘voice’. The landscape descriptions are picturesque and the wine metaphors are strong and well rounded, like a good Malbec. This is an easy 5 stars book for me and will be in my list of best lesfic books of this year.

Overall, a very entertaining and beautiful novel for all lesfic romance fans. Georgia Beers at her best. 5 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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