Chasing stars by Alex K. Thorne

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Chasing stars by Alex K. Thorne

Chasing stars by Alex K. Thorne

This is the third book in Ylva Publishing’s The Superheroine Collection series of stand alone novels by different authors. The bar was set up very high with the previous books by Lee Winter and Fiona Zedde but ‘Chasing stars’ didn’t disappoint me. The plot follows Ava Eisenberg, PA to Hollywood ice queen Gwen Knight. Ava is an alien from a far away galaxy gifted with flying and strenght superpowers who patrols LA streets under the secret identity of Swiftwing to help people in need. Ava’s life is turned upside down when her boss asks her to pose as her girlfriend to win Gwen’s son custody. Will Ava be a good fake girlfriend and, at the same time, keep her secret life as Swiftwing? Will she be able to hide her growing feelings for Gwen?


‘Chasing stars’ is a brilliant debut novel by South African author Alex K. Thorne. There’s been a few lesfic books about fake relationships lately with different degrees of success but this one is original by presenting it as a sci-fi, action packed story with main characters of a superheroine and a Hollywood star ice queen. Written in third person from the point of view of Ava, she is a well rounded character in her contradictions: shy and insecure as Ava, confident and outgoing as Swiftwing. Gwen is very well characterised as an ice queen slowly giving away hidden parts of her personality. Despite their age gap, their chemistry is sizzling hot and the intimate scenes are very well written. The story itself has some twists and turns that balance romance and action perfectly.

Overall, another excellent addition to the series. A solid debut novel. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Chasing stars by Alex K. ThorneChasing stars by Alex K. Thorne

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