Review of ‘Contract for love’ by Alison Grey.

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Review of ‘Contract for love’ by Alison Grey.

Madison Fielding is the only heiress to her family fortune, that is, if she stops partying non-stop and being a womaniser. To convince her Grandmother that she is a responsible adult worth of getting the inheritance, she has to prove that she’s changed. She decides to get herself a fake girlfriend and who could be better candidate for the job than straight, poor, single mother Sherry who is the exact opposite of Madison. Nothing can go wrong with that plan for sure…


This is another fake relationship/sham marriage novel which lately are commonplace in lesfic. The main characters couldn’t be any different from each other: Madison, a self-centrered, superficial, indolent and rich woman, and Sherry, a dedicated, down to earth and hard working single mother. Could they be more different? Well, yes, Madison is gay and Sherry is straight. The story goes from low to high so if you don’t like it at the beginning I suggest that you stick with it and give it a chance as it gets better. As the story goes by and their fake relationship evolves into a real one, the reader witnesses their transformation and how their personalities change (specially Madison) and their chemistry builds up. The final result doesn’t seem unrealistic or forced and here lies the beauty of this book. The secondary characters are well rounded and realistic, specially Sherry’s 6 year old son and her friend Rita Mae.

Overall, ‘Contract for love’ is a slow-burn romance, low in the level of angst, sometimes funny, others emotional. Recommended for those looking for a feel-good and light entertaining read. 4 stars

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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