Review of 'Demon in the machine' by Lise MacTague.

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Review of ‘Demon in the machine’ by Lise MacTague.

4.5 Stars. This was a really good steampunk/paranormal romantic adventure book. This is the second book I have read by MacTague. I have realized that I really like her writing style. She also has an unbelievable imagination which really helps. If you are a steampunk of paranormal fan, I think you will enjoy this.


During England’s Industrial Revolution magic, from the demon realm, is being used to create better inventions. But that kind of magic comes with a price, one that the world might just have to pay. The only thing standing in the way is two women hell-bent on stopping it. Briar, an archivist, and Isabella, an inventor, know they must do everything to fight the evil coming their way. Can these two women, both hiding huge secrets, save England and possibly the world?

I’m a steampunk story fan and this just fits that bill perfectly. This was filled with great inventions, dirigibles, and annoying women’s clothing. I also enjoyed how MacTague seamlessly joined the magic and paranormal aspects perfectly together. I know I’m being pretty vague here but I don’t want to give any spoilers away.

I loved the two main characters. Both women have the side that society sees that they have their big secrets. The characters had a dimension which I really appreciated. I easily connected with them and cared about what was going to happen to them.

Besides the great imagination MacTague has for the main storyline, I was impressed with the romance. A lot of times stories that involve saving the world, authors don’t spend as much time developing their characters feelings. These characters definitely had chemistry together. I loved watching them go from annoyance to actual attraction. The pace worked for me and the sex scenes were pretty well done too.

My only real small complaint is I felt the ending was a little abrupt. This is not a short story, I enjoyed every bit of the almost 350 pages, but still, the ending wasn’t long enough. I want to know more. I’m hopeful the ending was like this because MacTague is planning a sequel. The characters stories feel like they are just beginning so I absolutely hope there will be another book.

If you are a steampunk or paranormal fan definitely grab this one. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Also, the book having a good romance is a nice bonus. I have wanted to read MacTague’s sci-fi series for almost two years now. This month I’m finally going to do it. Her writing is too good to miss.

An ARC was given to me by Bella, for an honest review.

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