Review of 'Does she love you? by Rachel Spangler.

Review of ‘Does she love you? by Rachel Spangler.

I have to admit that I refused to read this book for a long time. A plot in which two lovers of the same woman discover her infidelity, slowly become friends and eventually get romantically involved had seemed a bit far fetched and endogamous for my taste. Of course infidelity happens a lot in real life but normally romance readers don’t want to be reminded about it. So, kudos to Ms Spangler to raise such an uncomfortable issue and somehow make it work in a lesbian romance. The three characters in the love triangle are multilayered, the author brings to life the ‘villain’ with good and bad traits, in her human contradictions as she falls slowly in her own manipulative trap. The main characters, Annabelle and Davis, each show vulnerability and strength at the same time. Their chemistry isn’t forced despite the strange situation they’ve been thrown into and their eventual involvement flows seamlessly. Despite my previous reticence, it was an enjoyable read.


Overall, a different romance that doesn’t shy of presenting a contentious issue. 4 stars.

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