Review of 'Driven' by Suzanne Falter.

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Review of ‘Driven’ by Suzanne Falter.

This is book one of Ms. Falter’s ‘Oaktown Girls’ series following a group of lesbian friends in the San Francisco Bay area. There is a sequel coming out in March 2019, but this novel can be read as a standalone. It follows the story of Lizzy, co-owner of ‘Driven’, a garage for women, and Kate, an Irish immigrant working for its threatening competitor. When Lizzy and Kate meet by chance, there is instant attraction but Kate’s secrets get in the way of a meaningful relationship. Will they have a chance at love?


‘Driven’ is an entertaining butch-femme romance written from the point of view of both mains, Kate’s evil boss Mindy and Tenika, Lizzy’s business partner. The setting of East Bay is a character in itself, a lively backdrop to the story. It’s no wonder that the author lives in that area as her affection for the place comes across to the reader.

Both main characters are well rounded, specially Kate. As an Irish resident sometimes I find Irish characters unrealistic but the author was spot-on in her depiction of the strawberry blonde Kate. Her inner dialogues are funny and self-deprecating providing levity to the plot. The characters’ chemistry is good though the intimate scenes were fade to black which I think it’s a missed opportunity to bring it to higher levels. Maybe this will be rectified in the next installments of the series but for now this is a promising start.

Overall, an entertaining butch-femme romance, a very good beginning of the series. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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