Review of 'Eating life' by Beth Burnett.

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Review of ‘Eating life’ by Beth Burnett.

“(…) Ben smiled. ‘Is that your job, then? You eat life?’


‘I feel like it. I want to explore everything, draw everything, taste everything, eat everything, make love to every woman.'” (Chapter Seven)

‘Eating life’ is a book about journeys: a road trip for some characters, a path of self discovery for others. It is a refreshing departure from the typical formulaic lesfic romance in which everyone is beautiful and successful.

Having said that, I have mixed feelings about this book. The author has strong convictions about feminism, patriarchy and relationships. Her characters voice these issues through their dialogues and actions. While I agree with a good deal of her views, I couldn’t help finding some parts of the book on the preachy or dogmatic side. For me, some of the conversations or situations that the characters go through look a bit forced or unrealistic. Some of the dialogues seem to be excessively formal within casual settings. Additionally, in some parts the balance between telling and showing seems off. However, I think it’s worth a read for its richness of characters and departure from the usual lesfic plots.

Overall, 3.5 stars. An ok read if you are interested in a feminist view on life and relationships.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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