Review of 'Echo point' by Virginia Hale.

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Review of ‘Echo point’ by Virginia Hale.

Beautiful love story set in the Blue mountains near Sidney in Australia. This is not just a romance: it’s a story of loss, family ties and redemption. Don’t expect heroines or larger than life characters: Ally and Bron are better described by their flaws and missteps – and maybe because of them – the reader can sympathise and redeem them before they do.


Nothing major happens in this book, which is set in the aftermath of Libby’s accidental death. She leaves behind her sister Bron, her best friend Ally and her little daughter. This book is the story of how they cope with the loss in their everyday lives and how they change them in the process.

The author’s description of the landscape is vivid and picturesque. The bushfires and intense heat are a metaphor of the passions at stake. Ms. Hale knows how to build up the tension and the chemistry between Bron and Ally rages like a bushfire: uncontrollable, hot and consuming.

Overall, a very solid debut novel and a highly recommended romance. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Echo point’ by Virginia Hale.”

  1. Pingback: Holy angst Batman!

  2. Pingback: Despite being an angst fest, I liked this book a lot

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