Review of 'Edge of glory' by Rachel Spangler.

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Review of ‘Edge of glory’ by Rachel Spangler.

I’m not a fan of skiing or snowboarding, I’m not even interested in winter sports. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book. Why? It’s so well written that you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of these sports to understand what’s going on. The story presents two Olympic sportswomen with different degrees of success and at different periods of their careers. Elise is a 25 year old skier with a couple of Olympics participations that got her both times a frustrating fourth place. She’s the typical ice queen, equally driven as demanding. However, a serious injury got her struggling to get back to her best form. Corey is a 30 year old snowboarder with a gold Olympic medal, a laid back attitude and the nagging feeling that her career might be over. Do opposites attract? Or maybe they are not so different after all.


The author describes realistically and accurately the world of Olympics sportspeople, their demanding training regimes, the pressure to perform at the highest level and the ethics of sponsorship. The sport scenes are fast paced and full of tension. Ms. Spangler submits the main characters to an incredible amount of turmoil and pressure that keeps the reader on their toes and turning pages. Additionally, the chemistry between Elise and Corey, their personalities and baggages give an extraordinary richness to their relationship that inevitably leaves us cheering for them. The cast of secondary characters support the story skillfully and realistically, specially Tigger, the rookie snowboarder, who evolves and matures as the story progresses. In short, the pace of the sport scenes and the chemistry of the romance makes ‘Edge of glory’ a very satisfying read.

Overall, an enjoyable read for both sports and romance fans. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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