Review of 'Fore play' by Julie Cannon.

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Review of ‘Fore play’ by Julie Cannon.

Peyton Broader is an ex-con on parole working at a golf club and trying to stay out of trouble. Leigh Marshall is a hotshot executive in a big company with strict fraternisation rules and homophobic executives. When they both meet in a golf course, their attraction is undeniable but trying to take their relationship to a more serious level might destroy Leigh’s career and threaten Peyton’s parole status. Will they have a future together?


‘Fore play’ is written in third person from the point of view of both main characters. Judging the book just by its title and cover, one might think that most of the plot revolves around the game of golf, but there is a great deal of the story describing how Peyton ended up in jail and her life in prison. A word of caution: there are some references to extreme violence and also some violent scenes that might not be suitable for everyone. With respect of the game of golf, Ms. Cannon goes into a bit of explanation of its rules and characteristics of the game that might be excesive for people who aren’t interested in it. Golf aficionados might feel that there is no need for such detail either.

Ms. Cannon is really good at creating chemistry between her characters, specially lust. The sex scenes are well written and hot. However, the plot lacks a bit in the romance department in which the reader is told about the characters’ feelings but there is little showing. For that reason, some parts of the story feel a bit forced, specially at the end which also seems rushed. This story would have benefited of an epilogue as some parts of the plot and subplot would have needed further development such as Peyton’s sister situation or Leigh’s workplace issues.

Overall, an ok read, good in the lust department, not so much for romance fans. 3 stars.

ARC provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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