Review of 'Forget me not' by Kris Bryant

Review of ‘Forget me not’ by Kris Bryant

Sweet romance based mainly in Ireland between Kerry, an Irish real estate agent, and Grace, an advertising firm executive who inherits a flower shop in Ireland. All the elements of a typical romance novel are present: tricky first encounter, breathtaking chemistry, hot steamy sex and beautiful romance. It is a bit predictable but it just hits the right note all the way. You get what it says on the tin.


However, as an Irish resident for almost a decade (and married to an Irish “lassie”), my only concern is the accuracy of some of the author’s statements about Ireland. For example, Irish DO call soccer as Americans do, to distinguish it from Gaelic football which is called football for short. Also, her descriptions of Irish weather are very optimistic even for April standards. But this is me being a bit picky and for the non-Irish readers is going to be irrelevant. In fairness, her landscape descriptions are beautiful and picturesque.

Overall, a very good read if you are looking for a sweet romance. 4 stars

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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